A Church where it's all about Jesus

Meeting Sabbath 11am at Life Church 10584 Old St Augustine Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32257 (see map)


Below are audio recordings of a small selection of Pastor Anderson's sermons.

We hope these will encourage you and inspire you in your walk with the Lord Jesus.

Return of Jesus

Are we the final generation? Examine the Biblical prophecies revealing the imminent return of Jesus Christ


Satan's Masterpiece

Do the wicked really roast in hell for all of eternity? Find out what the Bible actually teaches on this subject in this radio presentation.


Devil's Toolkit #1

Part 1 in a series giving insight into how the devil tries to trick and deceive us.


Devil's Toolkit #2

Part 2 in a series giving insight into how the devil tries to trick and deceive us.


Jump in this River

What does it mean to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus?


House of Prayer

The Lord said that His house would be called a house of prayer. Is that what we've made it?


When God Spoke to Mountains

Did you know that God spoke to mountains? Listen and find out what happened!



Can psychics predict the future with any accuracy? Can the dead speak to us from beyond? Find out the shocking truth from Pastor Anderson's presentation on Jacksonville radio.


Left Behind?

What does the Bible teach about the rapture? Will some be left behind? To find out, listen to this radio presentation.



What dream has the Lord instilled into your life? In this radio presentation Pastor Anderson shares how can you can realize your dreams.


The Heavens Declare

Is there scientific evidence that there is a God? The heavens declare so!


12 Ordinary Men

Why did Jesus pick 12 ordinary men like us to start the greates movement in history?