Meets Sabbath 9:30 am at Life Church
10584 Old St Augustine Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32257
(see map)

A New Testament Church for the Modern Era

Purpose: Our mission is to do church the way it was done in the first century. We seek to capture the spirit of the first century church experience in a modern setting.

  • Uninhibited worship experience using this generation's musical genre and instruments
  • Practical and relevant Bible-based preaching centered on Jesus, and that is uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring
  • Powerful Spirit-filled prayer
  • Fellowship with each other
  • Gospel-oriented with a laser-focus on local community outreach and foreign missions


Atmosphere: We strive to create the same atmosphere of love and acceptance found in the first century churches. All races, creeds, and nationalities are welcomed. You can dress up in your "Sabbath best" or feel just as welcome in casual attire. We welcome those who love to worship by praising the Lord with their uplifted voice and raised hands, as well as those who choose to worship God in silent reverence with head bowed. At Jacksonville Church of God Seventh Day judgment and criticism are left at the door. Inside, it is ALL about Jesus.


Affiliation: We are affiliated with the Church of God (Seventh Day), Denver, Colorado. Our leader is the Lord Jesus Christ, not a corporate hierarchy, or a conference president, or a pope. We do not look down upon other churches or display a "holier than thou" attitude. On the contrary, we recognize that we can accomplish far more together than apart. Therefore, we embrace opportunities to work together with other churches in community service, missions, and special community worship events.